Many different needs and requirements need to be considered when creating a good indoor climate in a hotel building. Having a basic understanding of what parameters affect the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and their causes is always a good start. Architecture, furnishings and carefully selected materials can be viewed as key elements for a hotel. However, none of these factors will make a positive impression on the guest if you have not also taken the less visible aspects into consideration. These less visible, yet entire necessary, factors include temperature, indoor lighting and the admission of daylight.

​WISE is a complete, flexible system for demand control of the hotel’s ventilation, heating and comfort cooling (air conditioning) solutions. The basic purpose of WISE is consequently to ensure a good indoor climate – and thus satisfied guests – and to optimise the operation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to ensure increased energy efficiency.

​Satisfaction among the guests is often closely linked to the potential to adapt the indoor climate at an individual level, which is possible with WISE. At the same time, WISE is able to optimise energy efficiency by reducing the ventilation, heating and cooling in vacant hotel rooms to a maintenance level for the building. To ensure there is no risk of guests being dissatisfied due to the reduced heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the empty rooms, WISE can force the indoor climate while the guests are checking in. When the guests subsequently step into their room, they are met by a pleasantly ventilated, heated or cooled room. The underfloor heating in the bathroom can also be controlled by WISE.​

Excellent communication​

WISE does not only communicate with systems for ventilation, heating and cooling. It has also been developed to be easy to integrate with overall hotel systems such as SCADA, and can communicate via BACnet, ModBus or open APIs. ​

WISE encompasses room products for both airborne and waterborne climate systems in the first instance. However, it also covers both all necessary control equipment as well as all air handling units and sensors in the rooms, which are interlinked to form a whole via a unique, patented system for wireless communication. In other words, it is a flexible solution for hotels, both now and in the future.

Digital services

We have gathered our digital services under the name Swegon INSIDE, and they visualise the indoor climate in the property in various ways and allow its optimisation. Using Swegon INSIDE, existing data in the property can be analysed and any operating problems can be rectified with a carefully tailored solution. In this way, it is easy to provide an optimum indoor climate and safe operation.

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