Better indoor climate in the classroom improves more than just the air quality​

WISE offers energy-efficient indoor environments in schools, where the students are able to perform at their best. Improvements in the indoor climate can also generate tangible cost savings and reduce the amount of energy that the building consumes, as well as improving the general health and the results of both students and staff.

Improve energy efficiency​

Classrooms in school buildings are usually empty more than they are used. When the rooms are not in use, the ventilation requirement is low. When they are in use, however, the need for ventilation is extremely high.​

By utilising these patterns in the building’s use along with WISE, it is possible to achieve considerable energy savings. In other words, to monitor the actual demand in the room and then to adapt the air flow, heating and cooling accordingly. In this way, it is possible to ensure the quality of the indoor air as effectively as possible. Studies show that this produces savings of up to 80% of the fan energy and 40% of the heating and cooling energy.​

Improving student results

​Improving the ventilation in the classroom is a simple way of also improving the students’ results. Improved ventilation has a positive impact on results in many ways. For example, the students are more alert and find it easier to concentrate and remember what they are learning. Studies have shown that increased air exchange frequency from “open window level” to “mechanical ventilation level” improves test results, and that the more complex the task, the more dramatic the effect.​

​Using WISE saves energy, as well as providing better conditions for the students to feel good and improve their results.​

Digital services

We have gathered our digital services under the name Swegon INSIDE, and they visualise the indoor climate in the property in various ways and allow its optimisation. Using Swegon INSIDE, existing data in the property can be analysed and any operating problems can be rectified with a carefully tailored solution. In this way, it is easy to provide an optimum indoor climate and safe operation.

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