Simplicity in three steps - before, during and after

Photo: RStudio and Krook & Tjäder

Mölndal Galleria shopping centre, Gothenburg

The Mölndal Galleria shopping centre opened in September 2018. With its 70 shops, cafés and restaurants in a central location, the shopping centre is an easily accessible and appealing district precinct catering to daily needs for shopping and services.

An adaptable ventilation solution

Inside the Mölndal Galleria shopping centre, small-scale retail tenants can lease 75 sqm spaces, while larger businesses can lease more. This provides ideal conditions for major players to gain and maintain a presence in this commercial space. But it also makes substantial requirements of the ventilation solution, which in this setup has to be adaptable to each tenant’s space requirements. In other words: what was needed was demand-controlled ventilation that can be adapted to the retail space actually in use at a given time. No one can does that better than Swegon.

Wireless communication for unique flexibility

The client wanted a flexible solution to facilitate basic changes in the property. The client soon realised that Swegon’s wireless WISE system was the right way to go for both installers and tenants. Avoiding any ductwork for communication cables was a major advantage for the installer, while the flexibility of Swegon’s WISE system meant that the property owner could have the solution they were after. For future adaptations to new or expanding tenants, the system requires no manual realignment, but simply reprogramming of SuperWISE. This made Swegon the obvious choice.

Partnership resulted in a comprehensive and unique solution

The project was a consortium contract between NCC and a number of partners, of which Swegon was one. The ventilation solution was devised in a close collaboration between the installer and Swegon. No products needed to be factory-configured, which simplified the site logistics. Instead, Swegon’s technical division ensured that ahead of each visit to the building site, the system was configured in advance. This made for smooth and seamless on-site start-up commissioning.