Decentralised supply and extract air system

with heat recovery via heat exchangers, demand-controlled air flow

With per-apartment units, and demand-control, the ventilation can largely be adjusted to needs and preferences in residential settings. Demand-controlled ventilation, the norm in schools and offices, for example, is now increasingly common in housing units.

Superior comfort and energy efficiency

With demand-control, the ventilation system can achieve a high level of energy efficiency, while the system provides superior comfort for the occupants and a healthy indoor climate for the building over the long term. 

With per-apartment units and smart mounting of sensors and control systems, demand-control can be extensively automated. The occupants can still individualise their indoor climate, by adjusting the unit’s ventilation flow, the indoor temperature, etc.


  • Installability
  • One unit per apartment
  • Individual ventilation adjustment
  • Efficient heat recovery
  • Higher energy-efficiency than a non-demand-controlled system
  • Superior comfort with a guaranteed indoor climate
  • Ventilates based on actual demand


  • Higher maintenance costs
  • More service points
  • More expensive installation than a non-demand-controlled system


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