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SWEFLOW makes it easy to get started

At times start-up can be both time consuming and complicated. With the SWEFLOW app you can easily adjust air diffusers and waterborne climate systems – with k-factors.

A simple and straightforward app

In order to get the most out of Swegon’s products your installation must be adjusted correctly. With Sweflow you get help to adjust your air diffusers or waterborne climate system. You can use the app to find the right k-factor in the database with Swegon’s products or enter the k-factor directly in the calculator to then calculate the commissioning pressure or air flow.

  • Calculate the commissioning pressure or air flow
  • Find the k-factor for Swegon’s products
  • Save commissioning data for the entire installation in the protocol that can be exported to Excel
  • Does not work without Internet access
  • Continuous updates of new product data

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You can download SWEFLOW here

The app works with Android version 8.1 (level 27) and later, for Apple iOS 10 or later.