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Swegon INSIDE Analytics

What is Swegon INSIDE Analytics?

Swegon INSIDE is the name of our digital services which, in part, visualise the indoor climate in a building and, in part, allows a user to manage and control units in an HVAC solution. Together the services gather large amounts of data and knowledge about indoor climate, and enable a number of stakeholders to view and adapt the indoor climate in a single building or an entire property portfolio.

INSIDE Analytics collects data of a number of indoor climate related parameters, all of which have indicators of how the coming days will be in terms of in- and outdoor climate. The indicators are based on advanced machine learning models (AI) and INSIDE Analytics will recommend how expected problems can be avoided or remedied. Comparisons with similar properties are made by the service to hopefully easen potential decision-making.

Nine days into the future

By using modern AI technology, INSIDE Analytics can predict changes in the indoor climate up to nine days ahead. As a result, it is possible to detect future changes or issues in relation to the measured indoor climate related parameters, such as temperature fluctuations, increased levels of particles in the air, etc. INSIDE Analytics recommends measures for both avoiding a problem as well as for saving energy and further improve the air quality inside. In fact, Analytics also considers how outdoor factors affect the building and provides suggestions of how to care for the building and minimize the risk of negative impact.

Alerts and notifications are delivered through our API integration between INSIDE Analytics and the property's BMS via email, SMS or a phone call with a synthetic voice, today available in more than 40 languages.

INSIDE Analytics halfen the time spent on indoor climate related issues in a building.
Magnus Andersson, Business unit manager Digital services as Swegon

Automatic reports

Swegon INSIDE Analytics can create automatic and customised reports that may be of interest to various stakeholders. The reports include recommended measures to improve financial, environmental and workplace related aspects of the indoor climate as listed below.

  • Economy, a higher level of comfort enables increased productivity
  • Environment, reduced energy consumption and an improved maintenance plan is beneficial for the future
  • Workplace, good air quality enables a healthy and safe place to work

In the above mentioned reports, it is also possible to include comparisons with a number of building standards and certifications, such as WELL, R1, ASHRAE etc. Last but not least, a performance analysis is presented where the building is compared with similar properties over a given period of time.

Communicating with tenants

It has been established that it is important to communicate with tenants in regards to the indoor climate. With that in mind, INSIDE Visualisation has been developed with great knowledge in behavioural science. As the name uncovers, it visualises the indoor climate in a way that is easy to understand. Colours and icons are used for different parameters and values and a range of widgets allow for different overviews, for instance may temperature and air quality be viewed on the screen, or a summary of weather trends and sound levels, or else.

Tenants are invited to feedback on the perception of the indoor climate and it has been evident that understanding the indoor climate also make tenats understand that the human body works differently between individuals.


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