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The most energy-efficient air handling unit on the market with its unique, comprehensive and intuitive control system.


There is a GOLD for every need

Swegon’s GOLD units are designed for comfort ventilation. To ensure superior performance, we design our own components, such as our rotary heat exchanger, fan impeller and control equipment. Commercial or retail construction? Public premises or residential properties? Whatever your segment, there’s always a model to serve you best. Our unrivalled expertise and support are naturally included, right from your planning phase and commissioning through to the first actual use of the unit in future.

Heat exchangers   Rotary  Counterflow  Coil  Coil  Rotary
Air flow (m3/h) Ecodesign 290-39600   290-14200  1800-39600   290-39600   1620-34200
Air flow (m3/s) Ecodesign 0.08-11  0.08-3.95  0.5-11  0.08-11  0.45-9.5
Control and system integration        
Outdoor installation (optional extra)        
Top connection –   –   – 
Integrated reversible heat pump  –  – –   –
Option of separated air flows  –  –  –    – 
Customisable for hygienic design (optional extra)  ●●●●  ●●●● ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●
High level of general customisability  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●
Superior energy recovery  ●●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●  ●●●  ●●●●●
High-level internal air tightness  ●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●


  • Easy to plan, install and commission
  • World-class energy efficiency
  • Minimal installation space required
  • Fully integrated control system with unrivalled functionality
  • Easy to adapt functionality for altered requirements
  • Premium-quality adaptable section platform
  • The AHU comes with a QR code for simple downloading of documentation to a smartphone or tablet
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Rotary heat exchanger – GOLD RX

Units with rotary heat exchangers allow you to achieve the ultimate in temperature and annual energy efficiency; our patented heat exchangers with turbulent air flow being uniquely effective. This, combined with the short installation length typically makes them the first choice for most applications. The turbulent flow in the rotor and the Carry-Over Control feature makes them ideally compatible with VAV and DCV system applications. The rotors can be surface-treated in different ways. For example, with the RECOsorptic sorption technology coating for enhanced humidity recovery, or epoxy for heavy-duty environments. GOLD RX is designed to minimise the risk of air and odour transmission between the air flows.

Optional Extras

With the right optional extras, you can gain even more functionality and benefit from your air handling unit. In other words, you can easily further customise GOLD to your requirements.

Integrated chiller

The COOL DX/COOL DX chiller was originally designed as an integral component for GOLD air handling units. All the equipment is built into the unit, which you dock straight onto the GOLD unit or install as a stand-alone unit connected to the air handling unit. COOL DX is based on a closed circuit filled with low-volume refrigerant. COOL DX provides cooling with a minimum of effort invested in planning, purchase specifications and installation. The GOLD air handling unit has ready-to-use cooling functions for controlling and adjusting the COOL DX. This also includes communication via an online interface or with a master control and monitoring system. COOL DX is available for end panel or top panel connection.

Web demo IQlogic

This feature allows you to test the control system in the GOLD unit from your internet browser.

To log in, use the following credentials: 
User name: local or installation
Password: 0000 for local, 1111 for installation


Commissioning, inspection and maintenance

Contact your nearest service office for assistance with commissioning, repair and maintenance of your ventilation system. 

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Certification and conformity


All GOLD air handling units are certified by Eurovent.

Passive House

Swegon GOLD RX (sizes 04-35 and 50) is certified by the Passive House Institute for its high energy efficiency and heat recovery. GOLD is unique in being the only certified ventilation unit for high air flows (<9,000 m³/h).


All GOLD air handling units conform to the requirements set out in EU Ecodesign Regulation n° 1253 for Ventilation Units.