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Air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger and top, side or L connections, with controls.
  • Max. air flow 39.180 m³/h (Ecodesign)
  • Rotary heat exchanger
  • Cooling/heating available as an accessory (not integrated)
  • Placement indoors/outdoors
  • Top, side or L connections
  • With controls and HMI
  • Certified by Eurovent

Thanks to a patented design with a turbulent flow in the air passages, RECOnomic attains a uniquely high degree of energy efficiency.

Swegon’s rotary heat exchanger is also available in epoxy treated and sorption treated versions (RECOsorptic). The sorption version increases the energy efficiency further by dehumidifying or recovering moisture depending on the conditions and needs.

Thanks to the unique combination of purging sector and Carry-Over Control functionality, the risk of leakage between the extract air and supply air is minimised, which ensures that the building is always ventilated with fresh air.