Our premium air handling unit range, covering a wide air flow range and suitable for most applications. Best-in-class and fully integrated controls, with comprehensive and adaptable functionality to ensure lowest life cycle cost.


  • World-class energy efficiency
  • T2, TB2, L2, D1 casing performance according to EN 1886
  • VDI 6022 Hygiene certified
  • Inhouse developed components, including rotary heat exchanger, fan impeller and control equipment
  • Fully integrated controls, with unrivalled functionality
  • Easy to adapt functionality for altered requirements
  • Easy to plan, install and commission
  • Minimal installation space required
  • QR code on unit to access documentation

Superior control system IQlogic

Simple and smart - The IQlogic control system has an award-winning user interface and an easy-to-use hand-held terminal (IQnavigator), making it easy to unlock the full potential of GOLD.

  • All functionality built-in, ready to activate.
  • Seamlessly communicates with BMS via BACnet and Modbus.
  • Energy monitoring as standard with printable Energy reports.
  • Dynamic flow chart with object-specific component labelling.
  • Built-in function descriptions and alarm troubleshooting.
  • Generates commissioning records in PDF format.

Test the control system from your internet browser. Log in using the following credentials: User name: local or installation - Password: 0000 for local, 1111 for installation


IQnavigator HMI

Connecting GOLD units to the Swegon INSIDE cloud enables digital services and remote monitoring

ALL GOLD units are delivered Swegon INSIDE Ready, meaning ready to connect to the Swegon INSIDE cloud.

  • Simplify service and maintenance
  • Monitor performance and alarms
  • Full overview of all Swegon products in one place
  • Easy access from smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Different services available to fit your needs
  • Future proof – ready to connect to various systems
  • High security

Update older GOLD units

GOLD air handling units are built to last. By installing new controls, the product gets a longer life and becomes even smarter. The Refurb kit is a spare parts solution that upgrades older units (manufactured 1996-2005) to today's controls and functionality. This extends the service life of the unit while minimising the environmental impact.

Benefits include:

  • Prolonged life of the air handling unit
  • Extended functionality and BMS communication, enabling future upgrades and connectivity
  • New, easy to use interface
  • Quick installation, avoiding major interventions in the building

Support from project start to finish

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