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Our premium air handling unit range, covering a wide air flow range and suitable for most applications. Best-in-class and fully integrated controls, with comprehensive and adaptable functionality to ensure lowest life cycle cost.

Heat exchangers   Rotary  Counterflow  Coil  Coil  Rotary
Air flow (m3/h) Ecodesign 290-39600   290-14200  1800-39600   290-39600   1620-34200
Air flow (m3/s) Ecodesign 0.08-11  0.08-3.95  0.5-11  0.08-11  0.45-9.5
Control and system integration        
Outdoor installation (optional extra)        
Top connection –   –   – 
Integrated reversible heat pump  –  – –   –
Option of separated air flows  –  –  –    – 
Customisable for hygienic design (optional extra)  ●●●●  ●●●● ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●
High level of general customisability  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●
Superior energy recovery  ●●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●  ●●●  ●●●●●
High-level internal air tightness  ●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●

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Rotary heat exchanger – GOLD RX

Units with rotary heat exchangers allow you to achieve the ultimate in temperature and annual energy efficiency; our patented heat exchangers with turbulent air flow being uniquely effective. This, combined with the short installation length typically makes them the first choice for most applications. The turbulent flow in the rotor and the Carry-Over Control feature makes them ideally compatible with VAV and DCV system applications. The rotors can be surface-treated in different ways. For example, with the RECOsorptic sorption technology coating for enhanced humidity recovery, or epoxy for heavy-duty environments. GOLD RX is designed to minimise the risk of air and odour transmission between the air flows.


  • World-class energy efficiency
  • T2, TB2, L2, D1 casing performance according to EN 1886
  • Eurovent and VDI 6022 Hygiene certified
  • Inhouse developed components, including rotary heat exchanger, fan impeller and control equipment
  • Fully integrated controls, with unrivalled functionality
  • Easy to adapt functionality for altered requirements
  • Easy to plan, install and commission
  • Minimal installation space required
  • QR code on unit to access documentation
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