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How air-to-air heat exchange ventilation works

Ventilation and air are different things! The ventilation determines how the air in your home is refreshed and how comfortable that air makes your home. With an energy class A air-to-air heat exchange ventilation system, 86% of the energy in the extract air is recovered and recycled. This energy heats the supply air to a comfortable temperature in homes and results in an energy-efficient, comfortable and healthier indoor climate.

Lower cost and healthier

Air-to-air heat exchange systems do not waste energy, but recover it for free heating or passive cooling, thereby keeping energy costs down. This guarantees outstanding energy efficiency and a healthy indoor climate whatever the conditions.

Ventilation ensures that the unit is well oxygenated, and eliminates fumes and odours. The supply air is filtered through high-quality filters to provide a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

Recovery via heat exchange

An air-to-air heat exchange ventilation system is a balanced system in which the heat in extract air is recovered and transferred to the supply air. Heat exchange means that an exchanger allows the heat in the extract air to be recovered for heating cold fresh air drawn from outside the building. An air-to-air heat exchange ventilation system is all-mechanical and consists of two fans - a supply air fan and an extract air fan. The fans ventilate the building via two separate ducts. The heat is then recovered by an exchanger between the two ducts. 

How it works
Air is extracted via ventilation ducts from spaces in the building where the air is stale and has a high moisture content, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. The hot air is filtered and passes the rotary heat exchanger, which stores the energy. Cold, fresh outdoor air is filtered and conducted to the heat exchanger, where the energy is transferred and the air is heated. The fresh, filtered air is then returned to the home via bedrooms and living rooms where we spend most of our time.

High energy savings

Heat recovery is one of the most effective means of saving energy and money. Although an air-to-air heat exchange ventilation unit entails a marginal increase in electricity consumption, it saves a great amount of thermal energy (heat). An apartment building ventilated by an extract-air-only system will typically increase its electricity consumption by 2–4 kWh/sq. m. if it is installed with an air-to-air heat exchange ventilation system. But at the same time, it will be saving around 40 kWh/sq. m. annually in heating.

The amount of energy that can be saved depends on several factors. The outdoor climate, the unit’s efficiency, the temperature of the extract air and supply air and the efficiency of the fans are usually taken as the key parameters.

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