Hybrid system with building mass connection
  • In combination with A11-C, SPECTRA M-C
  • Very high heating & cooling capacity
  • Superior sound absorption values (class A)
  • Building mass connection
  • Sound power level Lw: < 35 dB (A)
  • Fresh air intake is silent and draught-free

VENTAMIC + the radiant metal ceiling A11-C or SPECTRA M-C are highly efficient ceiling system with integrated supply air and superior acoustic effectiveness. The VENTAMIC hybrid system delivers highly effective ventilation results. The air speed in occupied areas remains extremely low thanks to the Coanda effect.

The supply air jet generates negative pressure in the ceiling cavity, which increases the convective capacity and significantly heightens the heating and cooling effect of the water-based radiant ceiling. Furthermore, this system is using the building mass to store energy temporarily. With this function, the heat-load peaks can be broken down. The system works according to the principle of thermally active buliding systems.

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