Free Air

Free Air

Outstanding heat recovery ventilation without incoming air ducts. Only one external wall opening per living unit required – ideal for new builds and renovation projects.

freeAir ventilation system

  • Minimises the number of ventilation ducts and hence the amount
    of planning and construction work.
  • Ecodesign energyclass A+
  • Passive House certified product
  • EN 13141-8 and EN 13141-7 certified
  • Demanand controlled ventilation with 8 sensors (RH, CO2, C)
  • Automatic service e-mails and smart phone control

Ventilation in teamwork

The ventilation system consists of the freeAir 100e with corresponding bare brickwork set and the freeAir plus transfer unit. The freeAir 100e is installed in the bare brickwork set and supplies the living spaces with fresh, pre-heated air from outside. Rooms from which air is extracted, such as the bathroom, are directly connected to the external wall unit via exhaust air ducts. The relevant air parameters are measured by the sensors. The air is thereby exchanged as required.

The freeAir plus transfer unit connects other rooms to the domestic ventilation system without any ducts. The sensors in the intermediate wall fan compare the air quality in adjacent rooms and activate the redirection of fresh air on demand.

Optimal demand-based airflow with 8 sensors

Highest heat recovery

The freeAir 100e external wall ventilation unit and the freeAir plus intermediate wall fan are controlled by sensors and continuously adjust the ventilation to the actual demand. On the one hand this ensures a constantly high air quality. Secondly, energy consumption, noise emissions and ventilation heat losses are minimised. This optimal result is ensured in case of the freeAir 100e by a total of eight (including for humidity, CO2 and temperature) and in case of the freeAir plus by three sensors (VOC, humidity and temperature).

The efficient cross-counterflow heat exchanger used in the freeAir 100e recovers up to 94 % of the heat held in the exhaust air. This saves a considerable portion of the heating energy. Furthermore, the criteria set by the PHI are exceeded. This results in decisive benefits for funding programmes for climate-friendly new builds (Efficiency House 40) and Sustainable Building (QNG).

One appliance for all applications

Whether installed in solid, timber, prefabricated and modular constructions or when renovating a building, the freeAir ventilation system can be used flexibly and individually. For all construction methods, corresponding bare brickwork sets are available.

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