FreeAir 100e

Wall placed ventilation unit 8 - 100 m³/h
  • Airflow 8 - 100 m³/h
  • The heat exchanger’s temperature efficiency: 86 % according to EN 13141-8 and EN 13141-7
  • Variable demand-control that ventilates correctly based on the CO2 load and moisture content
  • Quick installation directly in the wall of the room/premises to be ventilated, no duct routing required
  • Possibility to connect external ducts from e.g. the toilet or other rooms to be ventilated.
  • Anti-frost protection with automatic bypass
  • Automatic bypass control from approx. -5 °C outside temperature
  • Suitable for new builds and renovation projects
  • A+ certified according to the Ecodesign directive
  • Passive house certified

FreeAir 100e is designed for commercial premises, small houses, apartments and holiday homes where the maximum ventilation flow amounts to 100 m³/h or up to approx. 50 m2 per unit. Several units can be installed in larger homes for higher flow, for example, one per floor in a house.

The unit’s demand-controlled regulation is performed variably based on the moisture load and carbon dioxide content. The effective counter-flow heat exchanger maintains a high degree of temperature efficiency of up to 86%. The unit, which is also suitable for both new builds as well as renovation work, is quickly mounted directly in the wall completely without duct routing in the area to be ventilated. Ducts from the toilet or other areas can be connected to the unit.

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