Compact sound attenuator for circular ducts
  • Extremely low installation height.
  • Very good sound attenuation
  • Fibre-migration proof
  • Air tightness class D
  • M1 classified
  • Availabe with recycled steel RE:3
  • Low pressure drop
  • Mineral wool
  • Galvanised sheet steel to Environmental Class C3
  • Fire-resistance class EI30 to EI120*
    *See the table for requisite safety distance

  • CLA-A is an industrially fabricated product designed for excellent sound attenuation and ease of installation.
  • M1 classified
  • Type-approved to Ductwork leakage class D
  • The fire-resistance class is met by providing adequate safety distance. Specified safety distance in the table refers to evacuating persons or 2.5 kW/m2.
  • Type approved (TG SC0478-18) in terms of fireresi stance class E120. EI30, EI60 and EI120 are met provided that the safety distance is realised.
  • Unique properties regarding installation height, fire-resistance class, fibre-migration proof design and sound attenuation.
  • Patented in terms of the self-supporting fibre-migration proof surface.

CLA-A is available in a RE:3 version. A RE:3 product is an alternative to our conventional products, systems and services, an alternative which is reduced, reused or revitalised. We ensure a notably lower level of embodied carbon, built-in CO2, and let these solutions wear our RE:3 symbol. Read more about CLA RE:3 here.

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