Public buildings

In public buildings, the number of people present at any time over the course of the day varies greatly. This would be the case in schools and libraries, for example. Normally, achieving the right air flow and temperature for each individual load and point in time requires complex solutions.

Constant supply air temperature

A simple and cost-effective solution allows several different types of zones to be mixed, both with variable and constant air flow. This concept is based on supplying interiors with pre-heated/chilled air from an air handling unit, and where the supply air maintains a constant temperature of 15-18 °C.

Intelligent room management

At the individual room level, temperature and air quality are conditioned by an intelligent room controller. The controller receives signals from temperature sensors and CO2 sensors, or, alternatively, from an occupancy sensor. This solution provides a demand-controlled and very energy-efficient air conditioning system. 

Flexible package solution

The air handling system and compatible active or passive air diffusers and regulators make up a flexible package solution. The ventilation is demand-controlled according to a range of options.

This system solution offers the following features:

  • The temperature of the supply air is kept constant at the pre-set value, with the option of winter and summer compensation
  • Constant pressure in the supply air duct
  • The extract air is evacuated as common transfer air and is slave controlled to the same flow as the supply air
  • Rooms with active air diffusers
  • Rooms with passive air diffusers