Commercial buildings

Demanding indoor climates

Large commercial premises typically have extensive floorage, high ceilings and a demanding indoor climate. The temperature must be kept stable all year around, in spite of the interiors producing excess heat for much of the day. In addition, there are the real temperature variations in different parts of the premises. Glazed areas give off thermal radiation, which counteracts the excess heat, and may require specific heating in fenestrated areas. All told, the picture is complex, and meeting all the requirements may not be straightforward.

An air handling unit with control equipment counters challenges

With the right technical solution and precision sizing, high-quality air handling units and supply air diffusers can, however, counter these challenges highly efficiently.

In this case, the best choice would be an air handling unit capable of supplying air, heating and cooling, and with built-in control equipment. For energy-efficiency and effective heating at night and in the early morning, the unit should be fitted with recirculated air dampers.

Both heating and cooling in the supply air diffuser

The supply air diffuser should be configured to supply both heating and cooling. When heating is required, the supply air passes through the upper, nozzled section. The air is then rapidly forced floorwards without causing draughts or noise. When cooling is required, the supply air passes through the perforated lower section instead. Now, the air is supplied at low speed, and naturally descends floorwards.

Key solution-features for commercial premises

  • Air handling units with built-in control equipment
  • Supply air diffusers configured for either heated or cooled air