Before you even order anything

Swegon has products to create a world class indoor climate. Yet the journey starts long before selecting the products for your installation. By thinking right from the offset – and verifying each step – you save both time and money, and get the best operating economy over time. Use our experts as advisors and as a sounding board from the start and through the entire building process. This benefits everyone in the long run.

How does system choice affect my ROI?

A correct needs analysis is the basis. As market leader we have a unique insight into the whole building process and see how sub-optimization in the different stages creates ambiguity resulting in risks and loses opportunities for those of you who are property owners. Our property experts show you how you can save a lot of money and make investments profitable by thinking right from the offset.

How do I know whether I’m thinking and designing correctly?

To be able to design optimally requires a great deal of knowledge – both broad and extensive. As well as long experience. All of this we have at Swegon and you can use us as support during your project. Quite simply, we help you to think and work correctly. This saves you both time and money – and at the end you get a more satisfied customer.

How can I verify my design?

A clear specification with good documentation is the be-all and end-all. However, a trained eye may be needed to discover those small – or large – misses you did not see. A second opinion from a true expert can be a good insurance against expensive extra work, and a security that the customer will be happy from the beginning.

I want a quote

Hopefully, you have made sure that everything has been thought through correctly from the outset and that your new installation will really give optimal benefit and value for you, the property owner and tenants. From now you can be sure that the products you have selected are of the absolute highest quality and that they will deliver a world class indoor house climate.