The indoor climate guide

It is difficult to fully understand how something that can’t be seen or touched can affect our everyday life, and our entire existence. The indoor climate is made up of numerous factors that we in part can have an opinion about, for instance the temperature or air quality. However, we usually have an opinion about the indoor environment it is not to our satisfaction.

When the indoor climate is optimal for the activity taken on in a room or building, we rarely give it a thought. This guide will explain the many factors related to ventilation, heating and cooling and how they are impact on the indoor environment. We will at the same time put it in relation to how it affects us as human beings.

What is indoor climate?

In this section of the guide we will present a bit of historic background, describe the basics of indoor climate and explain the key principles and concepts for ventilating, heating and cooling a room or building. 


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Why indoor climate matters

A good indoor climate is close to life-essential, and has great influence on our health and well-being. This part of the guide will present the basics and also elaborate on how the indoor climate affects productivity and strategic thinking, comfort and well-being.


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Many factors affect the indoor climate and our well-being

The indoor climate is made up of the six factors that will be described in this part of the guide. The factors impact are most often based on laws of nature which we need to understand in order to create a healthy and productive indoor environment.


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The indoor climate affects building economics

There are many benefits of an optimal indoor climate. Energy savings and reduced sick leave, productive employees and comfortable hotel guests are only a few examples of direct and indirect benefits that all influence on a building's economics.


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At Swegon we know indoor climate

At Swegon we have years of experience in the HVAC industry and of creating good indoor climates. We offer well designed products of premium quality and we create energy efficient and flexible solutions that meet our customers requirements.

We are a relevant partner in most phases of a building project offering knowledge and experience together with products, services and software that will support the creation of an optimal indoor climate. 


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