Comprehensive project management is our passion and your relief

We offer advice to our partners throughout the construction process - from the initial design to when the building is in use. During the design phase of your project, we will provide you with documentation on sustainable building design, recommendations for low-energy systems and cost estimates for the various solutions. Whilst developing your building concept, we will help you decide on your heating and cooling criteria, based on your user requirements, to create a comfortable indoor climate.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Barcol-Air's and Zent-Frenger’s own production sites are located in St. Leon-Rot and in Heppenheim, Germany. This ensures a high product quality as well as a high reliability of the manufacturing processes. It further guarantees maximum flexibility and on-time deliveries.

  • CNC-controlled production plant
  • Laser spot-welding process
  • Cutting-edge production processes
  • Interface with Clim@Tool
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Research & Development

Barcol-Air operates a climate laboratory and an acoustic laboratory at its headquarters in Switzerland. As well as focusing on product development, these facilities perform various measurements and the validation of project-specific requirements. This makes it possible to test and confirm the proper performance of our solutions already in the planning phase.

  • Proof of performance for project-specific climate ceiling solutions
  • Static and dynamic measurements of the performance of climate ceiling systems
  • Measurements of room air velocity and thermal comfort
  • Special measurements (control strategy, cold air drop, etc.)
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Digitalization & Automation

In 2015, Barcol-Air paved the way for digitalisation throughout the company with the launch of Clim@Tool. This software was partially developed in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR), Switzerland. It features interfaces with the ERP system and with the sales and project management teams in all our branch offices. Clim@Tool is also linked to our in-house climate laboratory in Switzerland and drives the manufacturing process in our own production centre in Germany.

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3D-design with BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital, model-based planning method for buildings (and other structures) that is used to create and manage data in a 3D model and remains usable from the planning, construction and throughout the operational process.

We support digital building modeling by providing 3D models for climate ceilings (project-specific) and ventilation components using Revit BIM software.


Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about our radiant ceiling systems? We are happy to assist you by offering advice on everything from the planning, purchasing and to the commissioning.


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