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What does Swegon offer?

At Swegon we work continuously to develop our products and services to be at the forefront of current developments in smart buildings. 


Swegon as a partner in the smart building

At Swegon we have a variety of different solutions and products that are fit in irrespective of the level of the smart building. We offer everything you need to create a smart and invigorating indoor climate such as demand-controlled systems, air handling units, chillers and heat pumps– which all can contribute with functions and data in the smart building.

When we develop our products, systems and services we try to understand our customers and the needs of their properties. How will the building be used and work? How should it be managed and developed? What challenges stand in the way of the perfect building - what can we help our customers with?
 smart building consists of much more than HVAC and the systems and functions in the building must be able to work together. 

Our starting point is always the human needs in the room. In the smart building people need to understand and work with the smart functions to feel good and comfortable. 

At Swegon we are used to working in both large and small projects with a number of different partners to jointly create energy and resource efficient properties.