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Economic aspects

When renovating it is possible to gain several economic effects when it comes to climate system. It can be made more energy efficient, which saves money. It can improve the IEQ which improve the performance of the people in the building which saves even more money.​

But it is also an opportunity to make your building more future proof and more adaptable to changes. Which will lead to smaller costs when future renovations lies ahead.

Make the climate system more economic by being flexible

By making a climate system flexible, it's is possible to save money in many ways. A flexible climate system will make future changes faster and easier while at the same time being more cost efficient. A flexible climate system will also save installation time while increasing utilisation and lease for the office.

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Upgrade older air handling units for a longer life ​

To upgrade an old GOLD unit's controls and functionality instead of replacing the entire unit is a good alternative, both from a financial perspective as well as an environmental standpoint. This will prolong the life of the unit, while extending functionality and enabling future upgrades.

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Increased performance saves money

Good indoor environment is clearly linked to both high performance and comfort. 

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Make a climate system more economic by being more energy efficient

Offices are typically empty more than they are occupied. When rooms are not in use the ventilation demand is low, however - when the rooms are in use the demand for ventilation is very high. To take energy savings to the next level, the answer is to demand control the indoor climate. 

Working from a central system, demand controlled ventilation optimises not only the comfort in the room, but for the building as a whole. It minimises energy usage for the building and gives a complete overview of the status of the building in a single interface.

Our WISE system is a complete solution for demand controlled indoor climate. Preferably based on a central GOLD air handling unit, it gives maximum energy savings and comfort – and is unbeatably easy to install and commission thanks to wireless technology which makes communication cables history.

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Swegon improves economic aspects by saving time

At Swegon we are always developing products and system that are easy to use, install and maintain. We focus on making the process before, during and after in the buidling process as easy, flexible, energy- and economic efficient as possible.

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