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Digital renovation of WISE systems

With the help of a digital renovation, the previous generation of WISE can be updated to the latest generation of modern interfaces - without replacing the physical products. This makes it possible to streamline operations in a sustainable way, and to open up old systems to various new types of digital services.

Simplicity and agility with new generation interfaces

Through a digital renovation to the new generation WISE interface, full control of the facility is obtained thanks to visualization with tree view, floor plan, alarm, graph and log, change log and notes.

Maybe the conditions have changed and the plant no longer works optimally? The modern interface provides new opportunities to analyze and monitor the facility. Operation can be streamlined and, for example, reduces the time for troubleshooting in connection with error reporting.

The renovation enables all SuperWISE and air handling units from the previous generation to be gathered in one and the same interface with one and the same access point, which simplifies and reduces the time required for operators.

Access to digital services
The digital renovation enables access to the facility's data via API and cloud services, to be able to add Swegon's digital services such as Swegon INSIDE, which via analysis can identify and provide action proposals for any deficiencies in the system.

Future-proof and cost effective

Physical system replacement is both costly and resource intensive.
Through a digital renovation of the WISE system, the upgrade of the existing facility can be done step by step to the latest generation and does not need to be replaced at the same time, which minimizes disruption to operations and enables the investment to be spread over time. A more modern interface also benefits property owners and those responsible for operations, as operating and maintenance costs can be kept down.

Backward compatible
Backward compatibility enables a smoother transition if the ambition is to eventually expand its system or gradually replace old products with new ones as the needs arise. In this way, life expectancy can increase and costs spread over time.

Don't throw out the old!

With a digital renovation of the WISE system, it is possible to upgrade your indoor climate system without replacing the installed products.
This means that Swegon does not need to manufacture new products to the same extent as if we had installed a completely new indoor climate system. This also leads to reduced transport and thus a reduced environmental impact.

Replacing the entire system can be a costly affair and is also unsustainable from a resource and material perspective. Digital development has simply taken place faster than the estimated lifespan of physical products. So instead of throwing out the old, take advantage of what you have and invest digitally.


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How does it work?

Watch the video where Swegon's project technician Kristoffer Bosch explains how a digital renovation works, and the benefits it brings.