Complete: maximum energy savings

This all-inclusive package includes need-based ventilation, cooling, heating, optimization, and digital services. It is designed to provide a full range of solutions, to maintain an optimal indoor environment.


MultiLogic is an optimization function for our liquid cooling units and heat pumps that enables management of up to 32 units through simple connection via LAN. The units are managed with different types of operating logic according to the different installation requirements. The function is fully embedded in the devices control and all software is factory preset.


WISE is the smartest solution on the market for demand controlled indoor climate (DCV), both for new construction and renovation projects, where optimal comfort is combined with energy efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. ‚Äč

WISE is based on a unique technology forming a safe and flexible system that simplifies each step of the way – from system selection and planning, to installation and commissioning. This makes it possible to satisfy the highest demands in each project – be it environmental, net operating income or comfort.

Smart Link+

Smart Link+ is a system that links indoor climate needs with optimized cooling and heating production. It saves time and costs. SMART Link+ is a built-in standard option on Swegon's control platforms and reduces installation time and costs on site, as connecting all devices to a network is all that is needed.



A complete solution at the Italian headquarter of chocolate company Lindt

The newly built Italian headquarter of the chocolate company Lindt, is located in Induno Olona, near Varese in northern Italy. At Swegon we got the opportunity to create a complete solution that takes the numerous changing parameters of heat and cold, inside and outside, into account and secure a productive and comfortable indoor environment. 

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HYZER is a BLUETHINK solution to manage units, components and devices and build an optimized System. HYZER allows integrating the last generation of efficient products together in a system. The control implements state-of-the-art algorithms to reduce energy consumption and preventively optimize operating conditions of all units, pumps and external devices involved in the heating and cooling production.

All Year Comfort

The All Year Comfort function is intended to be used for to control the primary water circuit for cooling and/or heating climate baffles and facade appliance systems. Desired water temperatures are set at user level. Through a number of different compensation functions can current temperature setpoints are affected by external circumstances

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Flowzer is a smart logic of managing variable flow inverter pumps that can be applied for various installation types with ultimate scope of saving “pumping energy consumption”. 

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