New release of AHU Design v.3.9.0 (Sep 29, 2023)

Release AHU Design v. 3.9.0 (2023-09-28) 


NEWS: Esensa RX Top 

Gembloux factory is launching Esensa RX top in AHU Design. 


NEWS: Multilogic  

Multilogic is now available to configurate in AHU Design. Click on the following link to download guide to offer Multilogic. 

New PHI Certification for Standard untreated aluminium (MPE) 

New fan insert for GOLD/SILVER C size 025-120 

The fan insert is redesigned with a new motor. Impeller and motor control are retained. The design reduces internal losses, this with improved motor efficiency results in increased fan efficiency. Usually, new fan will result in reduced SFP value but individual unit configurations may result in increased SFP value, this is a consequence of updated test and accounting procedure. 


NEWS: New technical version 35. 


APPLICATION / GUI / Calculation 


Total SFPv printout 
When offering several units to be installed in the same building AHU Design can now offer a new printout for Total SFPv to show the weighted average SFP. In the new printout Total SFPv, you will find information about Total Airflow, Total Electrical power and Total SFPv. 

Size & Flow chart improvement 
Improvement and clarification in the Size and Flow chart is now launched in the  
upcoming release. It is easier for users to see which airflows range for 
PHI certifications with the different rotor variants.   



Bug-fix: Water flow value blocked is now solved for coil TCKA (SWE-141512-K6C5C) 

Improvement: For cooling coils, Ethanol 29% is now available together with complete Valve Kit (20427) 

Bug-fix: Coil communication settings improvement for TCLA (20393) 

Bug-fix: Correcting wiring diagrams for circulation pump in Xzone (17277) 

Bug-fix: Graphical improvement for HC duct recirculation. (21050) 

Bug-fix: Correction of support feet for GOLD CX (21095) 

Improvement: Cooling coil rule is updated for outdoor air. (20941) 

Improvement: Graphical indication of coil controls selection. (18763) 

To support configuration of heating and cooling coils, an indication icon has been added. 

Available alternatives are 'Std' (Unit controller board), 'XR1' (Extra control sequence 1) 'XR2' (Extra control sequence 2) and 'XZ' (Xzone). 


Bug-fix: Added Miru for Gold SD extract unit. (19966) 

Improvement: AQC is now available for GOLD RX HC (20298) 

Bug-fix: Corrected behavior for functions on TCBR (20794) 

Improvement: Connection side for Aircoils in duct are improved with standard connection rules. (20822) 

Improvement: New warning added for post calculation when extract filter has intake from above. Adjustment plates will not be delivered with the unit. (21167) 

Improvement: New information on printout under "Casing", regarding insulating material for Eurovent purpose (21258) 




Improvement: Added value 3x208 in main voltage. When selecting main voltage 3x208, transformer is added to component list. (19049) 

Improvement: To help the user to utilize the dehumidifier correctly, supporting information is added. (19575) 

Bug-fix: Indication of selected pre-heat and re-heat is corrected to show configuration in Design-view. (20542) 

Bug-fix: Fan direction up-wards. (15421) 



Improvement: Graphical update to show internal and external dimensions (20274) 

Improvement: Added option for stainless steel flexible hoses on Esensa PX TOP with IBA coil (20757) 

Improvement: IBA with 3 rows now has heat demand in control system (20233) 

Improvement: Added base frame for GLOBAL LP Out version (20265) 

Improvement: Added Esensa installation manual (20273) 

Improvement: Added dimensions for bypass GLOBAL PX in printout sketch (21068) 

Improvement: R32 is now possible as heating refrigerant on GLOBAL SD (19610) 

Bug-fix: LP02-04 filter kit in accessory list (19964)