An all-in-one solution to an iconic neighbourhood

An all-in-one solution to an iconic neighbourhood

Background - a box as a technology hub

Villa Fehr is an iconic building from the 19th century, located in Nättraby outside Karlskrona in southern Sweden. The older building has been complemented with a newly built residential area in the closest vicinity, planned and built with condominiums and detached atrium houses.

When the property developer Torsten Kai-Larsen decided to enrich Villa Fehr with a new residential area, he sought to build both sustainably and efficiently to meet the many requirements for modern and attractive housing. The project turned out to give the opportunity to build with industrial techniques but on site, inside a weather protected tent structure. This in turn made it possible to test and install the technology hub, the Kaibox, which Kai-Larsen designed and developed himself.


Choosing a supplier

In the process, Kai-Larsen looked for a supplier to deliver a complete indoor climate solution, based on air and which enable both heating and comfort cooling. The fact that the entire solution was to be integrated into the Kaibox was another requirement of the project.

Kai-Larsen also sought a knowledgeable and experienced supplier who had the capacity to assist the project with technical guidance and consultations in regards to functionality and system design. Swegon was contacted.



Why Swegon
The size and history of Swegon, the dedication to research and development as well as the profound knowledge in both centralised and decentralised solutions was decisive parameters
Torsten Kai-Larsen, CEO Kaibox, property developer and construction developer

The solution

The Kaibox is a prefabricated bathroom module with an embedded technology hub, one planned for each apartment. It incorporates a full bathroom with essentials such as water supply as well as heating, ventilation, electricity, Internet connectivity, and more. Once inside the apartment it functions as an all-in-one installation hub to where all technical installations are tied. It allows for a single connection point for almost anything inside the apartment.

The box is prefabricated in a factory environment and is delivered as a complete module which elevates quality, reduces production time and streamlines on-site construction. The modules are quickly lifted into each apartment, a procedure that contributes to a more structured construction process.


Creative development work to ensure a good indoor climate

The Kaibox gave Swegon a few challenges and required a quite creative development work. At the end of the process, a design and system solution was settled that had the capability to serve the entire apartment and ensure a good indoor climate throughout, while the central bathroom module served as the fundamental base for the system solution.

A three in one wish come true

The integration of Swegon’s CASA Climate CCF products on top of the Kaibox module, which is centrally located in each apartment, resolved the challenge of creating a good indoor climate in the entire apartment by the means of outdoor air. This innovative approach eliminated the need for on-site assembly which streamlined the construction process. Accomplishing this made a three in one wish come true for Kai-Larsen – the project turned out to be smarter, more cost effective and no assembly on the construction site was needed. All in all, increased quality assurance of the entire process.

The Swegon CASA Climate solution enables CCF comfort modules and CASA air handling units to be installed in the technology hub of each apartment, or in any other other modular housing construction for that matter.


Learn more about Swegon CASA Climate
The collaboration with Swegon worked really well. Not only had they interesting products, I was met only with insightful commitment
Torsten Kai-Larsen, CEO Kaibox, property developer and construction