CASA Climate CCF

Comfort module for heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Heating power: 500W
  • Cooling power: 300W
  • Air flow: 5–15 l/s
  • Sound: Silent <25dB(a)
  • Fits in 60x60 cabinet *100 Ø mm supply duct connection in bottom, top and rear

CASA CLIMATE is a unique cooling, heating and ventilation system for apartment buildings. It is affordable and economical solution designed for residential needs. CASA Climate simplifies the design and building process because the different HVAC components work seamlessly together and are provided by one trusted partner. For residents it offers optimal indoor climate that can be easily controlled from one interface and so that different systems don’t conflict with each other. For building owners CASA Climate guarantees energy efficient and economical heating, cooling and ventilation for the whole lifetime of use.

CASA CLIMATE CCF is a waterborne comfort module that is connected to the apartments ventilation system and the buildings hydronic circuit. It provides fresh supply air, heating and cooling to the apartment. Each apartment can have several room units depending on the need. CCF uses the heating and cooling energy from ground source or district heating/cooling to provide energy-efficient climatization with individual temperature  control for each room.

In decentral ventilation system CCF is connected to an apartment placed Swegon CASA ventilation unit and regulated with CASA Genius control.

In central ventilation system CCF is connected to a centrally placed Swegon GOLD air handling unit.

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