Reliable energy consumption

Our Swegon GOLD air handling unit

There are three main reasons to why our Swegon GOLD air handling units are considered reliable in terms of energy consumtion. Firstly our extensive experience of constructing ventilation units has resulted in a casing design that boasts a high air-tightness class, minimum thermal bridges and high thermal insulation which makes the unit reliable in relation to weather impact.

Secondly, the air handling units are provided with our own GOLD Wing+ fans and our IQlogic control system. They are developed to fit each other perfectly and together they allow an optimal operation and excellent control of the fans, which makes the units exceptionally energy efficient, well suited for variable loads and ideal for demand controlled ventilation.

The third reason is that they are extraordinarily energy-efficient. However, it is not only the savings from operating these units that should be emphasised but also the recovery of energy in the air flow. The units are equipped with rotary heat exchangers, some sorption treated, which transfer energy, heat or cold, and moisture from the extract air to the supply air.


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One unit instead of multiple parallel

The BlueBox Omicron multifunctional unit that we provided the Lindt headquarter is making a significant difference to the indoor climate as it can provide different parts of the building with heat and cold simultaneously. An almost obvious need in the case of a building with large glass surfaces.

Using one Omicron multifunctional unit allows notable energy savings compared to the use of multiple traditional heatpumps or chillers. This because it has the ability to move energy, heat or cold, from one end of the building to another, instead of heating and cooling “new” air as parallel processes in multiple heatpumpts and chillers. One unit instead of many also affects the energy consumption of everyday operation in a positive way.

Further, there are other aspects of energy efficiency. In the relatively small perspective, minimised energy consumption normally contributes to better building economics. In the larger sense, EU has to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by 18%, our Swegon Omicron multifunctional unit can be a piece of that pussle.


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Pacific chilled beams in the office area

To strive for energy efficiency is a common, and highly contributive, way to tackle the challenges of sustainability. At Swegon we have taken our commitment to climate change further and currently we deliver Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), verified by an accredited third party and based on our specific lifecycle assessments (LCA). This way, we are able to differentiate and specify environmental impacts in a robust and transparent way.

Having that said, an EPD is not a confirmation of excellent environmental qualities, it is a document published for transparency and comparison. Meaning that a product may await an EPD, but yet have great characteristics that reinforce sustainability. Our Swegon PACIFIC chilled beam, provided in this Lindt project, is one of those. It is operated by the pressure and flow generated by the GOLD air handling units, according to the principle of induction, and it therefore doesn’t have a fan of its own that needs to be powered. It is developed for dry systems which means it doesn’t demand condensate drainage systems or filters, and it is designed with a minimum of movable parts which lessen the need for maintenance and enable a long service life. In this case, more than 100 PACIFIC chilled beams were provided, they make a great difference for the indoor climate while respect is paid for the environment.


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Energy efficiency at the next level

A Swegon WISE system ties all products efficiently together in the Lindt office and assures continual adjustments to provide a productive, healthy and comfortable indoor environment at all times and throughout the entire building.

As said, the basic purpose of WISE is to adjust the indoor climate to exactly the level required. It ventilates, cools and heats neither too much – which costs energy – nor too little – which adversely affects comfort, but only as much as is needed. With that, it is possible to combine an optimal indoor climate and high energy efficiency. In fact, compared to ordinary ventilation WISE can save up to 80% energy on air handling and 40% energy on cooling and heating.

Swegon WISE has a digital interface, SuperWISE, where the user interacts and communicates with the system and its products via computer or tablet. SuperWISE allows the facility manager to monitor, optimize and receive notifications in real time. Energy efficiency and and comfort requirements are thereby supported as adjustments and maintenance may be realised easily and quickly.  


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