PARASOL Zenith family

A product for every need

Comfort modules for cooling, heating and ventilation

Optimal room comfort

The PARASOL Zenith family is a range of flexible comfort modules providing optimal indoor climate. With their large working area and flexible control platforms the comfort modules are easy to plan before, during and even after the building process. The PARASOL Zenith family consists of PARASOL Zenith, PARASOL Zenith VAV and WISE PARASOL Zenith.

Optimal room comfort is achieved as the product can manage large variations in supply air flow, cooling and heating requirements. The product’s high cooling capacity enables a lower duct pressure or a higher cooling water temperature to be used, which saves energy and even improves room comfort further.

The comfort modules are designed for distributing air slightly upward, this minimizes the risk for high air speed and draught.

The infinitely variable air flow control in combination with Swegon’s ADC (Anti Draught Control) offers maximum flexibility if the room layout needs to be changed in the future.

The modules are available in three sizes: 600, 1200 and 1800 and in the following variants:

  • Supply air
  • Supply air and cooling
  • Supply air, cooling and heating

One of the features of the new PARASOL Zenith products is that all variants can be ordered with the air connection on an optional side, which facilitates planning and installation.

For air connection on side 1 the water and air connection are on the same short side. The regulation knob or actuator is then located on the opposite short side instead. For other air connection variants, the regulation knob or actuator is always placed on the same side as the water connection.

It is also possible to change the air connection side during or after planning by moving the sleeves to an optional side on site, which adds even more flexibility.

See optional air connection sides in the image to the left.

Different control platforms

The activity level in an office or conference room varies over the day. It is important to adapt the ventilation to the actual need, both for health and energy reasons. The indoor climate is strongly connected to performance, health and well-being. By controlling the indoor climate to the actual needs will result in a healthier and more productive indoor environment. Large energy savings can be made with the right control system in the building. Simpler control options are available for existing systems or where you only need to regulate the water side.

For PARASOL Zenith there are different control options that can be adapted to the true need in the premises.

Design focus

The PARASOL Zenith family are designed comfort modules with flush integration to ceilings, which gives a stylish and discreet installation.

Selectable perforation pattern

As standard the face plate is available in three different perforation patterns:

  • Circular holes arranged in a square pattern
  • Circular holes arranged in a square pattern with a graduated transition
  • Square holes arranged in a square pattern with a graduated border

The modules are also available in different colours. Architects can be creative with the design and the modules can blend in any indoor environment while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing.

Interested in the PARASOL Zenith family?

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