GOLD Multilogic

Control multiple GOLD air handling units in a common duct system so that they behave as one. Monitoring and control is easily done using one user-friendly interface.

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Why GOLD Multilogic

  • Space optimisation
  • Redundancy possible
  • Lowest possible energy consumption
  • Lower minimum airflow compared with one large unit
  • Higher total airflow when necessary

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Flexibility and energy in mind

In many buildings, it is easier to install several small units than one large unit. By splitting the airflow between a number of units, the designer has a greater flexibility in the use of space. In addition, small units are usually easier to install.

GOLD Multilogic allows those units to be operated as a group in the most energy efficient way possible by minimising the fan pressure rise at all times.

GOLD Multilogic has been designed to provide the perfect multi-unit control for demand controlled (DCV) systems but it will also work with constant flow.

Intuitive and informative interface

GOLD Multilogic controls multiple units as if they were one unit in a single user-friendly interface. In the interface, the user can see a system overview, aggregated operating data as well as group alarms. It also provides an easy-to-use log graph function. The individual operating data is also seen for each unit.

More information is available in the technical catalogue.