Economic sustainability

Sustainable Solutions

Decrease carbon footprint of Swegon products and solutions 

As a strong partner to our ambitious customer base, Swegon has a long and successful history in offering desired and reliable solutions in the indoor climate business. In order to meet the current and up-coming needs of mitigating climate emissions, we are implementing a consistent lifecycle perspective in our processes.

Delivering measurable environmental impact data through EPDs enable both our customers and ourselves to present and reduce a project's carbon footprint and contribute to fighting climate change. As a supplier, we make it easier for customers to meet their environmental targets.

Provide solutions with high levels of energy efficiency 

Energy efficiency for every component and product is important. When focusing on a lifecycle perspective and an increasingly connected world, we intend to enable our customers to achieve the highest energy efficiency levels for their projects. Our expertise is successfully applied in high-performing green building projects, reaching high scores in building certifications such as LEED, BREEAM or WELL. 


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Strengthen business ethics and anti-corruption through policies on a global scale 

At Swegon we know it is important to consider our place in the bigger picture. Therefore, we believe setting, communicating and monitoring minimum requirements through our governance work helps our customers, partners and employees to understand our priorities for a fruitful and transparent partnership.  

Have all factories certified with ISO 14001 by 2025 

For years many major manufacturing units within the Swegon Group have been certified with the environmental management system ISO 14001. Besides meeting the expectation of many customers, it enables us to ensure solid management structures to handle relevant and significant environmental matters in order to reduce their impacts on the natural environment.

We intend to certify all our production sites by 2025 which will establish a reliable foundation for the future development of our sustainability work.  

Supply Chain Management

Implement a systematic supplier assessment at a global scale 

Partnerships and responsible purchasing are important elements of Swegon's supply management. Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers outlines our requirements and standards to conduct business with us. We believe in a collaborative approach which enables us and our suppliers to grow together: this ensures compliance with legislation and that we meet industry standards for social and environmental performance. 


Code of conduct