Reference: Addressing complex ventilation challenges with innovative solutions

The Peninsular, a prestigious development, located in the Hyde Park Corner, is built to host both a hotel and luxurious apartments. From a client perspective, ventilation was key in this project however, from an HVAC point of view, the trick was to fit air handling units of proper size and capacity into the limited spaces in the building.

The hotel part of the building has 190 rooms while the residential apartments are 26 in total. In addition, the property offers a range of amenities such as shops, bars, restaurants, a ballroom, a 25m swimming pool, gym, spa treatment rooms, and more.

Efficient ventilation was on the list of requirements for this building, and the upper floors were of particular importance as they feature large glased surfaces facing the sun.

The selected air handling units had to be of enough size and capacity, obviously, but the limited floor space had to be considered as well as future space needs for accessing the units to complete service and maintenance.

This project exemplified how complex ventilation challenges can be addressed, without compromising the indoor climate, by the means of innovative solutions and effective collaboration. Learn more in our reference case.