Our reference book: Places we love

Quite a few of the projects we are involved in has something extra, something more than the HVAC details - they have a story. That story is more often told in our reference cases on Swegon.com, but this time, we have gathered 12 carefully chosen and prestigious projects in our reference book, Places we love.

Yearly, numerous projects are completed where we have enabled healthy and comfortable indoor environments for people to be at their best. We are sincerely proud and grateful to have been a part of all of these projects and we have truly appreciated to work together with our customers for a solution that fits each unique project. After nearly endless deliberation, 12 projects have been gathered and presented in our reference book, Places we love.

In Places we love it is possible to engage in a new way in projects where we have added extra value, delivered a sustainable solution, cooperated for a customised solution or allowed for product developments to take place in our customers’ own environment. The stories are told in an article format and the written language is wonderfully balanced between depicturing descriptions and knowledge sharing.

Aside from what the words are telling, Places we love speaks to the eye with its beautiful pictures of healthy and comfortable indoor environments. Environments where people can enjoy the company of friends and family, get their needed rest or absolutely thrive professionally. Curious? Visit our reference book, Places we love

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