Guide: Ventilation, heating and cooling in offices

There are numerous choices to make when designing a solution for ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC) to provide a good indoor climate. In the case of an office, working hours, job activities and occupancy rates are factors that impact on the available alternatives. Further parameters that highly affect the available choices are building characteristics, planned office layout and expected future developments of the property.

This guide will touch upon a few highly important aspects of HVAC in relation to an office building – space efficiency, sustainability, adaptability and economy. Get a short introduction to each topic below, but visit the guide for a thorough discussion and recommendations.

Space is always an essential factor in relation to buildings because a property investment is closely linked to the floor area and the sense of space in a building. The way a solution for ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC) is taking up space in a building is therefore imperative to grasp.

Sustainability is an expansive matter and todays' office needs to meet expectations in terms of the entire spectra of people, planet and profit. Only satisfied tenants will stay in a building for a long period of time, and the sustainability is more often a subject of evaluation when considering office location.

Buildings have a long life, surely 50 years but even 100 years is plausible. It is therefore necessary to design a solution for ventilation, heating and cooling to as well suit the needs today as future demands. Adaptability is key.

Connections to the economic aspects of a building are made throughout this entire guide. And the fact is, that all phases, from design and construction to continuous use of a building, have a direct or indirect impact on building economics. Therefore the guide ends with a section where investments and costs are put in relation to indoor climate and the value of people feeling good inside.


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