Blog: Lowering energy consumption without compromising comfort

In the context of unstable energy prices and challenging global sustainability targets there is an apparent risk that energy savings are chased without considering the impact on the indoor climate. It is key to aim for long-term energy efficiency which is not compromising the indoor climate.

A good indoor temperature as well as ventilation is vital to health, comfort and productivity inside a building. But currently, energy prices are uncertain while there is a apparent global need to lower energy consumption. To reach both these targets it is vital to ensure that a building’s HVAC-solution in general, and air handling units (AHUs) in particular, are operating to meet the requirements inside. It is good practice to go through an HVAC solution when shifting tenants, and adjust them to the needs for the new renter, but it may in the mentioned context be worth to revise the solution no matter the occasion. However, make sure to not chase any energy save, but to ensure long-term energy efficiency without compromising with a good indoor climate.