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Acoustic Design

Acoustic Design

For calculating and estimating sound levels/noise, as well as configuring and selecting acoustic products

Acoustic Design is our new software for calculating and estimating sound levels/noise, as well as configuring and selecting acoustic products

A few highlights:

  • Library of user-defined sound sources and sound attenuating building elements
  • Sound attenuation in duct components through the duct system
  • Sound generation from turbulent air flows for duct components such as branches and bends
  • Noise radiation from the duct system to the surroundings, including suspended ceilings
  • Calculations of noise levels indoors and outdoors
  • Product selector for sound attenuators with selectable criteria (e.g. NC, NR, dBA, dBC)
  • Pressure drop over sound attenuators, including system effects

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Acoustic Design is a free piece of calculation software for acoustics.

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ASHRAE algorithms

Acoustic Design uses the latest industrial standards, including the most recent ASHRAE RP-1408 algorithms for acoustically insulated metal ducts.

Product selection, Sound attenuators

Configure and select products from Swegon’s extended range of sound attenuators to resolve complex acoustic challenges.

Reporting function

Use Acoustic Design’s reporting module to create calculation reports effectively and consistently.

Video tutorials for Acoustic Design

Here we provide a number of step-by-step video guides to getting started with Acoustic Design.

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Getting started

A general introduction on how to get started with Acoustic Design application

  Products that can be selected, configured and calculated with the aid of Acoustic Design  

Click to proceed to the relevant product page to access Acoustic Design for the product in question. More products will be added continually.


Click here if you prefer to used Acoustic Design’s predecessor.
(ProSilencer will eventually be entirely replaced by Acoustic Design).