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New release of AHU Design v.3.1.3
(April 20, 2022)

Version 3.1.3 release contains following:

AHU Design application / GUI

  • Fix for sorting of AHUs in projects with ordered units.


- Removed warnings of different fan for single flow
- Improved dimensions for GOLD SD
• TCLE (Electrical Coil)
- Corrections, choosing correct size of coils for unit 10 and 12.
• Correction of damper MG:1 for GOLD PX in flow chart
• For GOLD Top unit, correction of motor option for stocked units in size 4-8.
• Compact Air filter: Correction of filter class print-out

• GOLD HC unit: Warnings related to recirculation(damper must be added)
- Fixed crash when revert back from recirculation
• Fixed GOLD HC application crashes.
• Text corrections for KVÄNUM Database


• PX18 electrical heater bug fixing
• Relays will be added according to selected functions.
• Correction of Defrost kit for Global PX & LP
• Correction of CA kit for Global PX & LP
• Kit EBA Control - possibility to add connection external coil is defined. Included changes in component list and wiring diagram
• Correction of T2TB2 in Technical print-out
• Corrected width dimensions for LP06
• Changed casing strength class; D1(M) for LP, D2(M) for RX, RX TOP, PX, PX TOP
• Text corrections for GEMBLOUX Database