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Swegon Technical Services

Neglect chiller maintenance and pay the cost

Investing in maintenance will significantly reduce the risk of consequential business losses due to untimely chiller breakdowns.

Swegon Service Chiller Maintenance

We are always here to help

With Swegon you will always get the support you need. If you have an operation question, our technical services team are always on hand.

Sometimes we can remotely optimise your units, other times you may need a technician to visit. This is no problem, our support network is widely spread and covers most of Europe!



Always under control

Most of our air handlers, chillers and damper control panels can be remotely monitored from anywhere in the world by our technical services team.

This keeps your indoor climate world-class at all times.

Connected Services

Our Services

Swegon Technical Services has a large organisation of qualified service technicians all over the country. We can quickly supply spare and accessories - even for older products!

We get it right!

In order to reduce the risk of expensive and time-consuming mistakes, you can utilise Swegon’s specialist know-how during all phases of the project.

Our experts ensure that you are thinking correctly from the outset and that everything runs smoothly during the installation, commissioning and operation of the building.

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