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Fire Damper & Control Maintenance

Maintenance Services

Drop Testing

Drop testing any brand of fusible link and testing any brand of automatic dampers, including photographic evidence of testing.

Control Panel Maintenance

Maintenance of Safegard/Actionair by Swegon ACTIONPAC control panels, including training, software upgrades and hardware maintenance.

Automatic Damper Testing

Testing of automatic dampers from a control panel and a physical inspection in accordance with latest legislation.

We keep your building SAFE

Your legal obligations

Fire and smoke dampers play a very important role in a building’s fire safety system and under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is the legal duty of the ‘Responsible Person’ (or ‘Accountable Person’, in the case of high-rise residential buildings), to oversee their maintenance and testing. It is imperative that your dampers are maintained properly by a competent company. Swegon is just such a company.

Due to the above it’s essential to test your fire dampers to ensure correct operation in the event of a fire? Swegon offer full maintenance packages for our fire dampers, smoke dampers and control systems. Who better to look after your life safety system than those who designed it!

We work with you to find a package that suits your building type, damper configuration and delivers peace of mind by complying with best practice.

Survey and Asset capture

Not sure where to begin?

A fire damper survey is the first step in achieving compliance. Our aim with the survey is to identify all of the fire dampers that you have in your building and capture this into our Asset management file.

Services we offer...

  • Use site as fitted drawings where available to create asset register
  • Search buildings and record on layout plans where site have no as fitted drawings
  • Maintain dampers found and record on report
  • Record any remedial actions required to get system fault free and compliant

Maintenance Packages

Our available plans

Panel Only Maintenance

  • Panel maintenance only
  • Twice yearly manufacturer recommended
  • Software updated to latest available
  • Inputs and outputs tested to confirm system functionality
  • Open and close of dampers from panel to test for faults
  • Faults to be reviewed where possible and remedial actions raised
  • Should be combined with maintenance plan to meet BS9999 requirements
  • Report issued following panel maintenance
  • Competitive pricing

Panel and Damper Maintenance


  • Panel maintenance as per manufacturers recommendations
  • Twice yearly manufacturer recommended
  • Software updated to latest available
  • Inputs and outputs tested to confirm system functionality


  • All dampers visited and tested open and closed
  • Photographic evidence and detailed report
  • Faults to be recorded and remedial actions raised
  • Meets and exceeds BS9999 Requirements
  • Damper only plan available for manual fire dampers
  • Competitive pricing

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