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Demand-controlled indoor climate has never been easier

What is WISE?

WISE is a complete system comprising all the products you need for your indoor climate, including a smart control system and an intuitive user interface.

The system also comes with years of experience built-in to ease the construction process , from planning to commissioning and provide flexibility for future tenant conversions.

The basic purpose of WISE is to adjust the indoor climate to exactly the level required. It ventilates, cools and heats neither too much – which costs energy – nor too little – which adversely affects comfort, but only as much as is needed. With WISE you can combine high energy efficiency, the ideal indoor climate and a full overview of the whole system.

Keen to learn what WISE could do for you? Check out our reference clients to see how others have used the solution.

Indoor climate for today and tomorrow

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Best possible indoor climate

Did you know that on average people spend 87% of their time indoors and breathe about 15 kg of air per day? This makes it easy to understand that the indoor climate has a major impact on us. In order for the indoor climate to be perceived as pleasant a number of factors come into play:

  • Air quality
  • Thermal climate
  • Relative humidity
  • Air speed
  • Acoustic environment
  • Light

The system for indoor climate and ventilation impacts on most of these factors, which makes it important to bear this in mind when planning your property.

By choosing WISE as the indoor climate system, you achieve the best possible indoor climate, which can increase performance capacity significantly. According to the WELL standard, a well-ventilated office doubles the cognitive ability. If it is too hot performance can decrease by 6%, if it is too cold performance can decrease by 4%. Studies have also shown that high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have a negative impact on cognitive ability and strategic thinking.

"Flexible and comprehensive solution for demand-control of building systems for ventilation, heating and air conditioning"


How WISE facilitates an entire build

Control the lighting and solar shading as required in the premises

Find out more about the lighting control and solar shading with WISE


Below you will find more information about the WISE system’s products, grouped by function in the system.


Download documents

Comprehensive detailed product information for the best selection and integration in project design
Installation, Operating, Maintenance and Safety information
Our products and services presented in an easy-to-access manner
Declarations and certificates etc
Wiring diagrams and hydraulic schemes etc
Document Article Document type Date Download
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) (pdf 317.36kB) Connect WISE USBa IOM Manual 24/05/2018
Security recommendations (pdf 184.91kB) GOLD/COMPACT/SuperWISE I, SuperWISE II IOM Manual 02/06/2020
CE-Declaration (pdf 764.8kB) POWER Aa Quality 24/05/2018
Building product declaration (WISE gen.1) (pdf 86.33kB) POWER Aa Quality 24/05/2018
CE-Declaration (pdf 134.39kB) POWERAa_20VA Quality 24/05/2018
CE-Declaration (pdf 135.13kB) POWERAa_60-150VA Quality 24/05/2018
Hand scanner for the identification of products in Swegon’s WISE system (WISE gen.2) (pdf 183.29kB) Scanner TuneWISEa Technical catalogue 24/05/2018
CE-Declaration (WISE gen.2) (pdf 109.18kB) Scanner TuneWISEa Quality 24/05/2018
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) (pdf 263.62kB) Scanner TuneWISEa IOM Manual 24/05/2018
Communication unit to WISE (WISE gen. 2) (pdf 2.07MB) SuperWISE II a Technical catalogue 23/11/2021
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) (pdf 3.93MB) SuperWISE II a IOM Manual 31/03/2022
SuperWISE BACnet PICS (WISE gen.2) (pdf 674kB) SuperWISE, BACnet Others 24/02/2022
Overview - Swegon Connect (pdf 3.6MB) Swegon Connect Brochure 03/05/2022
Building product declaration (pdf 394.47kB) Swegon Connect Quality 24/05/2018
Installation instructions (pdf 528.64kB) Swegon Connect IOM Manual 24/05/2018
TBSC Manual (pdf 852.44kB) Swegon Connect IOM Manual 03/05/2022
Swegon Connect Security (pdf 228.65kB) Swegon Connect Brochure 07/10/2021
Product brochure (pdf 1.25MB) Swegon Connect Technical catalogue 03/05/2022
Swegon Connected Services (pdf 807.24kB) Swegon Connect, BlueEye Brochure 15/03/2019
Hand-held terminal for the identification of room products in Swegon’s WISE system gen.2 (pdf 194.43kB) TuneWISEa Technical catalogue 03/01/2019
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) (pdf 391.27kB) TuneWISEa IOM Manual 18/12/2018
Project Planning Guide - Heating, Cooling, Ventilation (pdf 13.98MB) WISE Technical catalogue 28/05/2021
User manual - WISE (pdf 29.33MB) WISE IOM Manual 07/06/2022
Project Planning Guide - Electricity, Control (pdf 7.72MB) WISE Technical catalogue 13/07/2022
Central control unit - Director (WISE gen.2) (pdf 594.25kB) WISE DIR a Technical catalogue 18/03/2022

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