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Indoor climate in offices​

Traditional offices are used for a number of hours per day and a number of days per year. When the office is in use, people are expected to perform and feel comfortable, and there is consequently a significant need for a good indoor climate. WISE is an excellent choice for the indoor climate in offices. With occupancy detectors, scheduling and the potential to control the indoor climate at an individual level, the employees are comfortable and the property has a low energy load.​

​Adaptable and future-proof​

It’s a fact of life that tenants do not stay forever. In this event, it’s important for the new tenant to be able to move in as quickly as possible, to reduce the period without income. Some form of adaptation for the new tenant is often necessary, in which case it’s a question of having systems and products that can be adapted quickly. The products in the WISE system can easily change function or room association as required, with wireless communication methods that do not require complicated and costly rerouting of communication cabling. All to make the building as future-proof as possible, with the least possible climate footprint during both operation and conversion activities.​

Digital services

With WISE it is possible to acheive a perfect indoor climate with the possibility for indiviual adaptation. However, if any complaints are made, it’s easy to follow up exactly what the conditions were in the room at the time – and take action if necessary. Using WISE, the property manager doesn’t even need to be on site. Swegon offers a range of digital services in which products’ and properties’ data can be visualised and managed. We have gathered our digital services under the name Swegon INSIDE, and they visualise the indoor climate in the property in various ways and allow its optimisation.

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