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Guide to Smoke Control Damper Classification

Smoke Control Dampers (CE marked to EN 12101-8) are designed to maintain an extraction path for smoke, from the fire location to the smoke exhaust point and must drive open or drive closed within 60 seconds of an alarm, subsequently maintaining that position. They are not fitted with a thermal release nor do they have a failsafe position. If in a multi-compartment application, the damper must also maintain compartmentation.

What should I look for?

You will see manufacturers declare performance with a classification like this...

E 90 (Vew i‹—›o) S 1000 C10000 HOT 400/30 AA multi

In general, a multiple compartment damper, with the Hot400/30 classification will give the most flexibility, control and peace of mind; however, every project is different and we recommend talking to us to help you find the right damper solution for your project.

Key classification elements

'MULTI' Compartment

Multiple compartment dampers are heat and fire-resisting and tested to EN 1366-2 & EN 1366-10. Single compartment dampers are heat-resisting dampers, tested to EN 1366-10, are not suitable for maintaining fire compartmentation. Dampers for multiple compartments may be used for single compartment, but not the other way around.

'AA' Automatic Activation

The ‘AA’ section of the classification indicates that the product is suitable for automatically activated systems (including systems with a manual override or attended control room), this is the typical application for smoke control dampers.

'HOT400/30' Damper Cycling

In order to allow for further control, the SmokeCommand MCD has a ‘HOT400/30’ classification. This allows the damper to be controlled for up to 30 minutes at 400°C (or two hours at 300°C) after the fire event. This is recommended by Swegon, for flexible control and clearance of smoke.

About CE Marking

CE marking requires a product manufacturer to declare the product performance characteristics in a ‘Declaration of Performance’ document (DoP). This document is verified by a third party – the notified body - as a guarantee of product performance and conformity to the test standard.

Smoke Control Dampers will be CE marked to fulfil the requirements of EN 12101-8, classified to EN 13501-4, fire tested to EN 1366-10 (and 1366-2 for multiple compartment dampers).

Guide to correct specification of smoke control dampers

Our CIBSE accredited seminar will look at best practices for designing a smoke control damper system using smoke control dampers and dedicated damper control panels.

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