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Smoke Control Dampers - Application

Naturally, all projects have different requirements to fulfil and should be evaluated individually. Here we describe a very typical setup where we use a dedicated damper control panel, linked to the BMS, fire alarm or smoke detection system, to provide automatic activation (AA) of the smoke control dampers in accordance with the cause and effect. Each project differs and you should engage with specialists early on in the project to determine the ideal solution.

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Which damper should I choose?

Use this comparison table with key differences between Actionair dampers highlighted to help you select the right product.

  FireShield CSS SmokeShield SmokeCommand MCD
Ductwork compatibility Square/Rect, Flat Oval, Circular Circular Square/Rect, Flat Oval, Circular Square/Rectangular
Purpose Compartmentation Compartmentation Compartmentation Smoke Control
Product Standard EN 15650 EN 15650 EN 15650 EN 12101-8
EN 1366-2 'E' Fire Resistance Y Y Y Y
EN 1366-2 'S' Fire Resistance N Y Y Y
EN 1366-10 Smoke Control - - - Y
Damper Cycling for Smoke Control (HOT400/30) -


- Y

What goes in a typical system?

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