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What Swegon does

Swegon solutions and expertise

We have the knowledge and experience to be involved in all phases of a building project. With detailed software for climate calculation and product design, we have a great foundation for partnering to simulate a building in operation. With that, joint achievements can be made for the best solution for the specific building. We maintain presence and provide support through our technicians or helpdesk through the installation phase. We want to ensure that the process runs smoothly and as seamless as possible. We pay great respect to time schedules and project budgets along the way.

After the commissioning phase and we have verified that everything works exactly as intended, the building enters the operational phase. We are available in this phase too and as long as our products are in the premises. Our technical departments assist in optimising and adapting the system to possible changes of use of the building, and it we will obviously also assist in case of any mishaps along the way. In addition, we offer services to improve the efficiency of everyday operation, and to ensure an optimal indoor climate for the people working, living and experiencing the building.


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Products and services

It is a challenge to supply different rooms with the right amount of fresh air, heating and cooling, especially when there is a variety of indoor spaces in the building with different requirements and needs.

To a achieve an optimal indoor climate without undesirable noise, draughts, odour transfer etc., both products and parties involved in the building project have to deliver on many aspects and encounter challenges together. We are able to support projects with high quality products and a wide array of services combined with our experience and knowledge of the HVAC industry.



Mentioned above, we have a wide range of products which make up a nearly unbeatable toolkit to work with. To that, our highly skilled employees can provide knowledgeable advice and support in how to use the toolkit in the very best way, both seeing functionality and energy usage. To support, Swegon offer several software applications that have the ability to rapidly and reliably select the right products and services for each purpose. However, if a functionality needs to be verified in detail, we can run advanced computer simulations or even full-scale tests of different room types.


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Flexible and adaptable

Given that the use of a building tend to change over time, a key aspect of Swegon's solutions is the flexibility and adaptability. Meaning, we offer flexible products that can be reconfigured for new purposes by the means of user-friendly control systems that can manage to easily adjust the products’ objectives over time. For this, our network of skilled and experienced service technicians are on call to assist on site.


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