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Tom Novell

Smoke & Fire Service Engineer Supervisor

Tom’s background in retail gave him valuable experience of how to deal with customers, something he enjoys doing in his current role as a Smoke & Fire Service Engineer Supervisor. Although he did not originally plan to enter engineering, Tom’s dad was an engineer, so it was a job he was familiar with. As Tom was going through redundancy in his then factory-based role within cable services, he thought he would take the opportunity to try something new.

Tom has now been at Swegon for 2 and a half years, and through encouragement from his manager and opportunities for training and development in his role, he is now a supervisor. Fond of bring hands on, something he enjoyed in his previous role, Tom’s team have seen the potential in him, providing the opportunities he needs to learn and develop.

One thing he enjoys about the job is the freedom, being able to travel to different sites and go into an array of different buildings. There is also a fantastic opportunity to explore the areas working in after you are done for a day, and a healthy work life balance, with varied hours that are easy to work around. Not every job is the same, and there is an unknown element of being a site engineer but being able to figure things out for yourself and travel to unfamiliar places makes for a positive working experience.

More recently, the My Swegon Knowledge Centre has given Tom an opportunity to understand the other elements of the business more, and what the Service Engineer’s not in his area of expertise cover on the day to day.