High performance module
  • Very high heating and cooling capacity
  • With optional absorbers: Advanced sound absorption values (class B)
  • Powerful and energy efficient
  • Can be combined with any ventilation system
  • Easy construction
  • Visible or concealed installation possible, depending on visual preferences
  • Anodised profiles available
  • Components can be integrated

High performance module with very high thermal capacity

OPTI Y is a high capacity cooling system with an open design for cooling rooms, predominantly through free convection and radiation. Equipped with a fine corrugated surface, the finned cooling elements are suitable for rooms of all types and can be used as individually suspended ceiling modules, a flat finned ceiling or in a concealed installation above a grid ceiling.

Ceiling cooling provides comfortable room temperatures and improves the wellbeing of the people in the room. It can be combined with any air ducting system. The OPTI Y high performance module can also cover the heating load.

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