Air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger and reversible heat pump, top, side or L connections, with controls.
  • Max. air flow 34.200 m³/h
  • Rotary heat exchanger
  • Integrated cooling and heating via reversible heat pump
  • Placement indoors/outdoors
  • Top, side or L connections
  • With controls and HMI
  • Certified by Eurovent

All-in-one combined air handling unit and reversible heat pump. The result is fresh air, heating and cooling in a slimline and energy-efficient design. Planning is simplified by the fact that we have already done the integration between the heat pump and the air handling unit for you mechanically and in terms of control. Installation is simplified if you opt to have the unit factory pre-filled, tested and ready to run. The unit is also available in a version for cooling only and is then called GOLD RX/C.

At the launch in 1994, the GOLD air handling unit was an all-new concept that changed the industry standard. As the first compact “standard” air handling unit on the market with integrated controls, GOLD set a new benchmark for energy efficiency and performance. Three decades later, GOLD remains the cornerstone of Swegon’s proposition.Learn more about what makes this 30 year old icon unique

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