A Swiss innovation for residential ventilation

Why choose the CUBE

A unique residential solution that combines the best qualities of central and decentral ventilation - individual control of indoor climate and central placement outside the apartment!

  • A gapless continuous isolation of building and heat exchangers
  • Higher energy efficiency for the building
  • Roof placed unit saves space in the living area
  • Maintenance and repair is possible without accesing the appartment
  • Quick installation
  • Lower investment costs due to quick mounting and less ducting required

Old systems vs CUBE

Saving space inside and out

Central system


Decentral system


CUBE system drawing

Quick installation for reduced installation cost

Innovative mounting solution can save up to 50% of total installation costs!

Watch installation video

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Download documents

Comprehensive detailed product information for the best selection and integration in project design
Installation, Operating, Maintenance and Safety information
Our products and services presented in an easy-to-access manner
Declarations and certificates etc
Wiring diagrams and hydraulic schemes etc
Document Article Document type Date Download
Aufstell- Bedien- und Wartungsanleitung (pdf 8.01MB) CUBE IOM Manual 19/11/2020
Brochure (pdf 4.09MB) CUBE Brochure 05/08/2021
Flyer (pdf 2.2MB) CUBE Brochure 19/11/2020
Architects brochure (pdf 2.82MB) CUBE Brochure 05/08/2021
Technical documentation (pdf 6.82MB) CUBE IOM Manual 05/08/2021
Endverbraucher Prospekt (pdf 5.8MB) CUBE Brochure 08/04/2021

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