Decentralised supply and extract air system

with heat recovery via heat exchangers, constant air flow

A per-apartment unit is the right approach if the aim is to give occupants extended options for influencing the indoor climate in their own dwelling, or if the property limits the option for installing a centralised unit. A per-apartment unit system eases installation and saves money, since there is no need for fire separation between the apartments. Extensive ductwork is also not needed, which results in minimal falls in system pressure and thereby an energy-efficient and quiet system.

Freedom for each occupant

Gives each occupant extensive freedom to customise their indoor climate by adjusting the unit’s ventilation flow to their personal preference. The per-apartment units can be served by a counterflow heat exchanger or a rotary heat exchanger. 

If the property is managed by a service company, it may be expedient to install the unit for each apartment, but with inspection and service accessible from the stairwell. This facilitates servicing and maintenance without inconveniencing the occupants.


  • Installability
  • One unit per apartment
  • Individualised ventilation adjustment
  • Efficient heat recovery
  • Superior comfort with a guaranteed indoor climate


  • Higher maintenance costs
  • More service points


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