Reference case: An energy efficient indoor climate in school

t’Blokje Loenhout is a municipality owned school in the city of Wuustwezel in the north of Belgium. The school had three requirements for the ventilation, heating and cooling - it had to be energy efficient, simple and adaptable, without compromising the indoor climate.

Energy efficiency in regards to ventilation, heating and cooling is somewhat different when it comes to schools. The occupancy of a classroom is usually quite low - the school hours are not as long as the ones we generally spend in an office. However, the occupancy rate in a classroom when it is used, can probably not be compared to many other building applications we know of.

These "unusal" patterns of use create a challenge when designing an indoor climate solution for a school. This reference case shares both a lot of knowledge and expertise as well as our way to meet the customer's expectations.

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t'Blokje Loenhout, Belgium